Notice of Extra Ordinary General Meeting

You are hereby given NOTICE that at the instance of the Governing Council, an Extra Ordinary General meeting shall be held as follows:

Date – Thursday January 19, 2017
Venue – GhIS Secretariat, Adjacent to Food & Drugs Authority, North Legon (Shiashie), Accra
Time – 2.00pm
Agenda- To consider and adopt various amendments to the GhIS Constitution and Bye-Laws, 2007.

The various Articles identified for adoption are as highlighted in RED in the Documents attached as Appendices A and B. The sections in Light Brown are to be deleted from the Constitution and Bye-Laws.

Please request for the documents from the form below

Also attached as Document “C” is the current GhIS Constitution and Bye-Laws 2007 for ease of cross-referencing. You may appoint a PROXY (who should be a member in Good standing) to attend and vote on your behalf in accordance with Bye-Law 76. Enclosed is a Proxy Paper (Appendix D) should you desire to us it.


a. Only members in good-standing are eligible to attend and vote. You are therefore urged to “regularize your standing”, if applicable.

Document Request Form

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