Members and firms in good standing, 2016

The Governing Council of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors (GhIS) presents the underlisted fully paid up Individual Members and Practising Firms IN GOOD STANDING, for the information of all Government Ministries, Departments, Agencies/Parastatals, Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies, Public and Private Corporate Bodies and the General Public.

Furthermore, the Governing Council strongly advises the above-mentioned employers to use Surveyors and Firms it recognizes, who are thus bound by its Constitution, Code of Conduct and Ethics, Disciplinary Procedures, Conditions of Engagement and Rules of Conduct. This is re-inforced by Section 18(3) of NRCD143 which mandates the GhIS to present the names of Members of Good Standing to the Registrar-  General for Registration and states:

“No person shall practice any profession in respect of which a professional body has   been registered under this Decree unless he has been duly registered by the Registrar under this Section”                                           

This registration on an annual basis which applies to Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians alike ensures that only technically competent and capable persons are permitted to practise the surveying profession in a safe and responsible manner in Ghana. Any person intending to practise for less than 12 months in Ghana shall apply for temprory registration.

Firms that provide professional surveying services must be staffed by registered surveying professionals and such firms are recognised on an annual basis by the GhIS and are given Certificates to that effect.

Enforcement of the law is thus an essential safeguard for society and is of public good.

Failure to ensure that surveying services are obtained from registered surveying professionals and recognized firms amounts to a breach of Section 21 of NRCD 143 which states:

“Where an offence under this Decree is committed by a body of persons then every president, vice-president, chairman, vice-chairman, director or partner and every officer of that body shall also be guilty of that offence if he is proved to have directly or indirectly whether by any act or omission permitted to be done the act or omission which constitutes the offence.”

The Governing Council further advises employers and the general public to insist on evidence of membership certification in Good Standing, especially before employing or awarding commissions to persons and firms respectively.

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